MHA Monahans is one of the leading independent groups of Chartered Accountants and Independent Financial Advisers in the West of England

We provide integrated financial advice and solutions to a range of clients across the region.

This environmental policy applies to the whole MHA Monahans Group, consisting of 8 offices, over 200 employees and a range of services across Chartered Accountancy and Wealth Management. We recognise that our actions have impacts on the local and global environment but aim to reduce these wherever commercially possible.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance, complying with legal requirements and preventing pollution caused by our activities. We will facilitate this by providing appropriate resources and support, delegating responsibilities and co-ordinating activities across the group. We will re-invest a proportion of any savings realised from our environmental improvements to support further initiatives.

We will manage the direct impacts from our own activities, products and services, as well as encouraging people and organisations we work with to improve their environmental performance.

We will do this by:

Monitoring, co-ordinating and managing our impacts across the group.
Reducing the waste we produce, and considerately disposing of waste which we do produce through re-use and recycling wherever possible.

Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and equipment, and will use all resources, including paper and energy, efficiently.

Considering the environmental impact of our purchasing, and choosing green products and services where appropriate.

Considering and encouraging more sustainable travel options, for business travel and commuting.

To help achieve this and continue to improve our environmental performance, we will raise awareness amongst staff and stakeholders, set objectives and targets, monitor our performance and review this policy annually.

Simon Tombs
Managing Partner