Record fine by court for mismanagement of warehouse

Debbie AnstisPosted 12 February 2018 By Debbie Anstis, Health & Safety Consultant In Health & Safety

Three separate councils worked together to bring a case of dangerous working conditions to court against Poundstretcher.

Newbury, Newhaven and Swindon councils carreid out inspections at local stores of Poundstretcher, and the judge at Porsmouth Crown Court fined Poundstretcher one milion pounds and was highly critical of the company's senior management.

As business people looking at this record fine, what can we learn?

The stores had no control of stock, and stock had been left blocking emergency exits, preventing any means of escape from what was described as chaotic warehousing.

The judge, when handing down his fine, also took exception to the owners of Poundstretcher blaming local managers.  While they may have played a part, it was ultimately the owner's responsibility for how his company is run.

So, is your warehouse or stock room in good order? Are exits clear? Are systems in place to control stock – do you know exactly what’s happening in your premises?

Food for thought......

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