New staff, new skills?

Debbie AnstisPosted 25 September 2017 By Debbie Anstis, Health & Safety Consultant In Health & Safety

The vacancy seems to have been open for ages, we have finally found someone to fill the role…great they can just get on with it and take a load off off everyone!

Every business needs a new employee to be effective as quickly as possible, to spread the load but will they be effective if they have an accident within your workplace due to lack of training? The HSE have found that a new staff member is twice as lightly to have an accident in their first six months with you, than during the rest of their career with your company. This can be due to many factors, confidence either over or not enough! Lack of familiarity with site or equipment and simple understanding of the task.

So, when you first start to think about employing a new staff member take time to think about their job role and the training they will need. What support do they need? Do they require a ‘buddy’ ? Do they need professional courses and of course they need to have the basic H&S familiarisation for your premises such as fire exits, first aid, accident reporting and any hazards related to your industry. Just as importantly, make sure you record this from day one, evidencing your commitment to training and your staff.

An employee that has a fully planned training schedule will become far more effective, far more quickly and take that workload away sooner!!

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