The importance of training new employees

By Debbie Anstis Posted 18 October 2017

Failure to provide training – the financial costs

Aldi Stores have been fined £1 million and ordered to pay £70,000 in costs, after a delivery driver who had only worked for the company for two weeks, suffered severe foot injuries whilst operating a powered pallet truck.

This shows the importance of effective induction training and a structured approach to ensuring new employees are supervised correctly, before they are allowed to work on their own.

The HSE investigation found short comings in Aldi training arrangements, with reliance in new drivers shadowing colleagues in the absence of a standardised training programme.

What does this mean to your business?

As an organisation, make sure your training system for new employees is robust. Each recruit should have a training plan that matches their needs and the requirement of the role.

It would also be worthwhile creating job role profiles that match your business, and decide the level of training you need to complete these roles effectively. Do your current staff have the skills and qualifications you need – do you need to bridge that gap?

Most importantly, check competence levels have been reached before staff are authorised to use equipment.

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Dealing with day to day business is hard enough, but a HMRC investigation too? We simply don’t have the time, energy and expertise to handle that. I believe my accountant is certainly the best person to manage a tax investigation and it’s reassuring to know the costs will be covered.

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