Mike Shawyer

A brief introduction

I lead the MHA Monahans Rural Business and Landed Estates group. My clients include mixed estates, farms from all areas of agriculture, farm shops and other associated businesses.

I advise families and landed estates with complex needs and structures, to minimise tax, maximise profit and achieve those often competing objectives.


I joined MHA Monahans in 1974 as a trainee Chartered Accountant and have fulfilled many roles with the practice over a very long time! 

I specilise in VAT planning and advice. I help our clients navigate this extremely complex tax. The aim of the service is always to minimise the cost of VAT for our business clients.


Advising Rural and Landed Clients
VAT planning and advice including:
VAT planning for commercial property
Partial Exemption
International Services provision and VAT
VAT cash flow management
Negotiating with HMRC
Managing appeals and tribunal issues

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