With effect from 1 March 2017, our Forensic Services are provided by Richard Formby FCA MAE through his specialist business, Formby Forensic Services Limited ("Formby Forensics"). Richard offers a dedicated forensic service based on his extensive experience, addressing matters of quantum, accountancy, financial investigation and business disputes in general.

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Richard Formby can assist with the dispute process as:

  • Single Joint Expert 
  • Party Appointed Expert 
  • Expert Adviser 
  • Expert Determiner 
  • Litigation Support 
  • Early stage briefings on quantum & issues to assess viability/direction re: quantum

We can undertake any aspect of work within these areas including more specialised activities such as undertaking preliminary investigations, drafting Part 35.6 questions, advising on payments into Court and Part 36 offers, assisting with the preparation of cases for mediation or ADR and assisting with, or leading, negotiations to settle disputes.

To find out more contact Richard Formby on 07544 096877 or visit www.formbyforensics.co.uk.