Tax is an ever-changing landscape where everyone
is different.

In almost all cases tax of some description will be a consideration when we are advising you on your business and personal affairs.

MHA Monahans Tax Consultancy service underpins all of the advice we provide to you, 

Our in-house business tax experts have in depth knowledge and expertise that can help you

  • restructure
  • dispose of or acquire new entities
  • implement share schemes and other employee incentive solutions, 
  • take advantage of creative tax reliefs such as R&D enhanced allowances and Patent Box
  • assist with extraction of profit, exit planning and the international aspects of tax including transfer pricing and manage indirect tax consequences.

Our personal tax specialists are experts in income tax and the capital taxes, they can assist you with

  • income tax compliance and liability reduction

  • inheritance tax and the wider issue of succession planning, 

  • capital gains tax mitigation

Also,  with the help of Monahans Wealth Management, you will receive truly holistic financial planning advice, helping you to understand your personal and family goals and plan for the future.

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