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The Tax Investigation Policy will cover our professional fees that result from most types of HMRC enquiry or investigation. Unlike some fee protection products that appoint their own advisors, this policy ensures that we can represent you throughout. We believe that we know your business best and we want to be there for you when you need us most.

Under the Tax Investigation policy, we can reclaim our costs from the insurer for protecting you during a tax investigation and we will be able to defend you in the event HMRC check your books and records or visit you to check PAYE or VAT Returns.  Protection starts from the very first request.

This is an insurance policy arranged with Professional Fee Protection Limited (PfP®), and will cover our professional fees that result from most types of HMRC enquiry or investigation. For details on what is covered please request to view a copy of the ‘policy summary’.


'Peace of mind'

For peace of mind, we recommend that every client should be protected in the event of a tax investigation and take out the Tax Investigation policy as tax investigations are expensive and can last several months and even years.

We will be free to work on your case for as long as it takes to bring about a resolution, up to the policy limit.

For limited companies and partnerships, the tax investigation policy provides inclusive cover for all relevant individuals.  When a business signs up to the policy, all its directors, partners and their spouses and company secretaries, will also receive representation during an investigation into their personal tax affairs, as well as those of their business.

To provide this policy, we need to be acting as the tax returns agent for the individuals in question.  A personal subscription is, however, required for each individual where gross rental exceeds £50,000 per year, or for any other business activities.


"Dealing with day to day business is hard enough, but a HMRC investigation too? We simply don’t have the time, energy and expertise to handle that. I believe my accountant is certainly the best person to manage a tax investigation and it’s reassuring to know the costs will be covered."

Tax Investigation Policy - Frequently asked questions

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