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Digital Solutions

Monahans has created a digital solution specialist team with a variety of knowledge in all areas to help assist in all things digital. The digital solution team will cover all the Monahans sites and be available for to provide training, advice and support to help you get set up and give your ongoing pro-active advice on a regular basis. As part of this service, the team will be able to recommend relevant systems and solutions tailored to your business covering a wide range of areas as detailed in our App stack.

We believe that digital technology is revolutionising the way accounts are prepared and also enabling easy access to solutions that can help businesses develop. The digital accounting world is developing more and more apps and systems that can save you time and money.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to ensure you have the digital technology skills and systems in place to efficiently make decisions regarding all financial aspects of your business

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that digital technology skills and systems are in place across the business to allow us to efficiently provide advice and support on digital solutions & services, which will be available to our clients.

Monahans App Stack

The Monahans app stack has been created to provide a suite of areas and systems, which Monahans can assist in helping achieve a certain task or business goal. Within these 12 areas the digital team have selected a handful of systems that have been tested.

The digital Team can assist in more areas and systems detailed. If you would like further information or would like further information about an app we have not detailed. Contact us on or via the contact us box.

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Digital Solutions