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Our team of Independent Financial Advisers can advise you across a range of financial subjects including financial protection, wealth management and family wealth transfer & estate planning. We will help you to make considered decisions about your financial future through our client focussed approach.

Our Chartered status is a reflection of the quality of independent financial advice we provide. We are a part of the MHA Monahans Group of companies, which enables us to access other specialist services on your behalf, should it be needed.

Furthermore, due to our independent status our advice is completely unbiased, and any financial products we may recommend are only provided after a rigorous assessment of the marketplace.

We pride ourselves on the long-standing relationships we develop with our clients. We can only provide advice that is suitable once we understand who you are and what you wish to achieve.

  • Wealth Management
    MHA Monahans Wealth Management offers a range of private client services, each designed to benefit the individual client and assist you in making the most of your personal wealth. It is often the case that the more successful you become, the less time you can afford to dedicate to managing your wealth. It is also true that your personal finance requires ongoing monitoring and management, to ensure your wealth is working hard for you. MHA Monahans independent financial advisers are available to assist on both counts. With our dedicated wealth management service, our financial advisers can help you make your money work for you rather than the other way around. We will take stock of all the assets and investments you currently own, and calculate the current state of your wealth. With the use of technology called "Wrap for our Wealth Management System", the process has been somewhat simplified. The online investment platform is able to hold all of your investments in one place, allowing us as your advisers to track their progress, and suggest investment opportunities and other products which are suitable to you. Harnessing the latest technology not only improves our ability to provide you with advice, but ensures that you are always kept in the picture. Our financial advisers are able to assist in a range of ways, depending on the nature of your long term goals. These include, but are not restricted to: - Investment and portfolio management - Generation of a tax-efficient income - Pension planning - Family wealth transfer and Estate management - Tax planning Whether you are just beginning to invest, or already have a number of investments, MHA Monahans Wealth Management are able to offer financial advice and support to help you maximise your assets and make them work for you. To find out more call (01225) 785570 or send us an email.
  • Protecting your family
    Financial security is at the forefront of the minds of most people and, when you are in a position of wealth, it is important to protect it, thus ensuring the financial security of your family no matter how your circumstances might change. With endless options and products on offer, the prospect of planning your family’s financial future can appear daunting. However MHA Monahans Wealth Management are able to assist in full with analysing your current financial position and selecting the best products on the market to match, ultimately creating a completely bespoke financial plan tailored specifically to your needs. Before undertaking the search for suitable products, you will need to identify your aims and long term goals. Have you, for example, considered the following: - How can I ensure my family are protected in the event of my premature death? - How can I protect my income should I be unable to work? - Should I look at funding a pension or would an alternative savings option work better for me and my family? - How can my family and I be financially independent? Our advisers are there to work with you and find solutions to all these questions. We will identify products which will allow you to use your money in the most efficient way to ensure the complete protection of your family’s future. To find out more call (01225) 785570 or send us an email.
  • Business Protection
    Every business experiences unfortunate circumstances at one time or another, and it is these circumstances which have the potential to have a significant negative impact on productivity and profit. For example, a primary component of every business is its management team and the majority of small and medium sized business rely on one key person for strategic, financial or operational direction – sometimes all three. Therefore if this person experiences illness or injury it is important to have a backup plan in place which minimises the consequential impact on the business, so that it can continue to survive and flourish. MHA Monahans Wealth Management are available to provide unbiased detailed advice and support on safeguarding your business against such circumstances. Our independent financial advisers work closely with you to identify important details about your business, including key people, any income and outstanding debt, assets and any existing strategies you already have in place to deal with various possible events. We are able to access all the current business protection packages on the market, and analyse your current needs, resulting in a bespoke package of business protection options. Such options include, but are not limited to: - Loan insurance - Key person insurance - Shareholder and partnership protection - Relevant life policies Allowing us to work with you to choose the most appropriate products for your situation, you will be providing a financial safety net so your business is able to continue operating no matter what the future holds in store. This will allow you to maintain healthy relationships with creditors, clients and other stakeholders should the worst happen. Most importantly, you will be ensuring the continued successful future of your business. To find out more call (01225) 785570 or send us an email.
"We found Joanne fantastic, we trust in advice she gave us and hope it will benefit us in the future. Joanne understood that we knew very little and needed clear guidance. She tried really hard to explain things as simply as possible to us, and she never made us feel stupid for asking what might of seemed obvious questions."
  • Mrs Raymond

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