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Rural Business and Landed Estates

We will help you make hay while the sun shines

By providing:

  • Proactive tax advice to ensure you maximise income and capital gains and minimise tax paid, including inheritance tax.
  • Strategic business planning including advice on succession to ensure a smooth transition between generations, whilst minimising inheritance tax.
  • Assistance with the appraisal of new enterprises and joint venture opportunities to ensure they are commercially viable and do not trigger unforeseen tax charges.
  • Tax and financial advice in relation to trusts including planning, tax returns and accounts.
  • Advice on the complicated area of VAT, including opting to tax and partial exemption. If planned correctly, huge value can be obtained from VAT registration. We can also assist in completing your VAT returns.
  • Preparation of annual accounts and associated tax returns.
  • We have extensive experience in advising landowners who have potential development land, such as reclaiming VAT on property development.
  • Whether you are granting an option over land or considering selling a plot, obtaining Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneurs’ Relief can mean the difference between 28% and 10% tax. We frequently advise families with complex ownership structures including trusts and companies.
  • Audit of statutory financial statements and specific assurance assignments.
  • Assistance with annual and long term forward planning including budgets and cash flows.
  • Full support and advice in relation to tax investigations and enquiries including comprehensive cost effective insurance for professional fees.
  • Advice on estate/farm office systems and selection of computer hardware and farm accounting software such as Farmplan, Landmarc and Sage.
  • Joined up financial planning and investment asset management through Monahans Wealth Management.
  • Specialised payroll and HR services.

Download our Rural Business and Landed Estates Specialists booklet as a PDF here.
To discuss your specific needs, please contact Andrew Perrott on 01793 818300 or send him an email.

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