Business Continuity

Cash Flow

Businesses are facing uncertain times due to COVID-19 and the government has responded by announcing a series of welcome support measures. However, businesses cannot simply rely on government support and must be pro-active in navigating their way through the current situation. There are four key areas that you must focus on in the short term. Please see these areas below.

We are well placed to assist businesses to navigate through these challenging times.
Please contact your usual MHA Monahans representative or call your local office.

Our Digital Solutions Offering

Understanding your cash flow is vital for your business and forecasting plays an important role in your finances. Our Digital Solutions team can help guide you through apps available which help you manage your cash flow better and with more transparency.

The digital solution team will cover all the MHA Monahans sites and be available for to provide training, advice and support to help you get set up and give your ongoing pro-active advice on a regular basis. As part of this service, the team will be able to recommend relevant systems and solutions tailored to your business covering a wide range of areas as detailed in our App stack.

We believe that digital technology is revolutionising the way accounts are prepared and also enabling easy access to solutions that can help businesses develop. The digital accounting world is developing more and more apps and systems that can save you time and money.

To discuss this further, please contact the Digital Solutions team.