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Our objective is to save clients’ money and manage their VAT risk. We offer VAT consultancy services and VAT advice in a range of areas. Here are examples of our recent advisory projects:

Property Advice

  • to landowners selling development land, in conjunction with our tax and rural experts, to maximise the post-tax receipt and to manage risk
  • to developers on the correct VAT treatment of complex transactions
  • to contractors on charging VAT correctly, including the reverse charge for building and construction services
  • to charities and individuals on maximising VAT relief on the costs of building projects, and assistance in submitting “DIY” VAT reclaims

VAT advice for Charities

  • on the optimum VAT treatment of charitable income
  • on structuring and the use of trading subsidiaries
  • on practical and effective partial exemption methodology to recover VAT on expenditure
  • on apportioning membership subscriptions

VAT advice to businesses trading overseas

  • in relation to post-Brexit rules
  • in relation to current, and impending, VAT rules and compliance obligations

Helping businesses

  • manage HMRC inspections and interventions
  • contest HMRC decisions
  • negotiate with HMRC
  • choose the correct VAT scheme, e.g. for retailers, small businesses, or to improve cashflow
  • needing advice on large or complex transactions, including restructuring or selling their business, or buying a new one
  • needing reassurance on their VAT compliance via a VAT 'healthcheck'

You can read and download our Spring Budget 2023 VAT Summary here as a a PDF.

Read our publication here on a recent case where Medical Services are not VAT exempt when provided via Limited Company

To discuss potential risks and solutions, call our VAT helpline for support and proactive advice from Adam on 01225 472800 or send Adam an email.

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