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Embracing environmental initiatives in these difficult times can help give your business a competitive edge

Whether you are looking to reduce costs or simply gain a point of differentiation, we have the knowledge and contacts to help you.

Increasing Profitability

Businesses that embrace sustainability can benefit from reducing operating costs, and rising energy costs alone are a powerful incentive to become more energy efficient. Green credentials are increasingly seen as a differentiator in the marketplace and can create real business value. With our extensive experience we could help your businesses to identify opportunities to reduce costs and to improve your profitability.


If you need to raise finance to invest in green initiatives, we have access to grants and specialist carbon sector funding partners. So contact us now if you are not sure how to fund solar panels, biomass boilers, ground source heat exchange systems or wind farms.

To discuss your specific needs, please contact Dominic Bourquin on 01225 472800 or send him an email.

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