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If you use internet banking, have a Facebook or Twitter account, then you already use cloud accounting technology. Do you want to take this a step further and have the ability to access and update your business accounts and finances anytime, anywhere online via the cloud?

Online accounting gives you that freedom and enables you to keep your business finances organised, monitor your cash flow and keep a track of profitability in a stable, secure environment without having to back up your systems.

Cloud accounting packages are more intuitive to use than traditional software and save you valuable processing time by linking automatically with your online bank account.

You and your finance team can access your financial data from a laptop, tablet, or phone from wherever you are doing business. You can even grant online access to your accountant.

Monahans have a dedicated team of qualified cloud accountants who can recommend a wide range of online accounting packages tailored to your business needs. We can also provide digital training to you and your team to ensure you have the digital competence to utilise this technology to its full advantage.

For information about Making Tax Digital then click here.

Apps for your business
The digital training team have tried and tested a range of apps and systems to ensure we can offer the best cloud accounting packages for your business. These apps are designed to give you time back to put into running your business and provide valuable insights in real time. We have featured some of our favourite apps below, but there are many more that we can help with. Please click on the relevant link to find out more, if you need any further information or would like to discuss how Monahans can help please contact digital.solutions@monahans.co.uk

If you would like further information on digital accounting, digital apps or would like to speak to someone about digital training, contact us on digital.solutions@monahans.co.uk or via the contact us box.

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