10 Jan 2019

Drones in the workplace

We all saw the chaos on our TV screens, as flights were unable to take off from both Gatwick and now Heathrow after drones were seen flying over active runways. Thousands of passengers were affected by the disruption, with millions of pounds in revenue lost by the airports and airlines.

The police are now investigating these incidents and charges are expected to be serious, as lives were endangered as this equipment could have been sucked into airplane engines or smashed cockpit windscreens.

This incident illustrates the negative side of this cutting-edge technology, but drones can make a huge contribution to the workplace by reducing risk when inspecting large structures or removing the requirement for working at height when inspecting roofs.

If your business is considering using this type of technology, staff must have a drone pilot licence and complete a risk assessment for the activity. They also need to consider the privacy of others when flying.

It’s a lot to consider but these simple actions ensure your business works safety and their activity is legal.

For more information on risk assessments please contact Debbie Anstis on 01793 818300, or send her an email