18 Apr 2024

Our accountancy career myth-buster 

At Monahans we know that accountancy is a great career choice, both in terms of job stability and personal progression, but also in the variety of work it offers and the level of satisfaction we get from being able to help individuals and business owners.

However, we also know there are still many misconceptions surrounding what a career in accountancy entails and the skills that are needed to be a good one. This is something that we want to change. We know that good accountants come from a wide range of backgrounds with differing skillsets and that having a workforce with a diversity of thought is crucial in problem solving and in better connecting with our customers.

So, in order to attract a broad range of candidates, we need to spread the word about the benefits that the accountancy profession offers. We don’t want good candidates to be deterred from pursuing a career in the field simply due to misinformation, so we have tried to dispel a few of the most common myths below.

You have to be good at numbers
Whilst a basic understanding of maths may be useful, skills such as problem-solving and strong communication capabilities are far more valuable to your role than algebra could ever be! Much of our work centres around acting as a sounding board for our clients and providing consultative support during sometimes stressful situations, requires a level-head and a patient and empathetic approach.

You‘ll be staring at a screen all day
There is always an administrative element to accountancy, but a large chunk of your day-to-day work will involve speaking with clients or collaborating with other team members either virtually, over the phone or in person. It is a very social job that often requires team-wide cooperation, alongside independent work. At Monahans we also offer flexible working options so that you can find the balance between home and office-based work, that suits you.

The work will be repetitive and boring
At Monahans we work with a wide range of clients that have completely different needs and circumstances, which all require a tailored approach. Whilst the systems you will use may be the same, no two days will be the same.

For example, we have organisations of all shapes and sizes operating in fields such as healthcare, farming, hospitality, charity, environment, education and engineering.

The work won’t be meaningful
Behind the scenes, accountants help to keep the world spinning. So many of the institutions and organisations that make up the backbone of the country’s economy, and society, are kept afloat as a result of sound business advice and support.

And on a smaller scale, you can make a huge difference to the individuals and businesses that you work with by providing them with invaluable support and guidance. Not only to help them to reach their goals and to continue to operate successfully but also to provide reassurance that will lift a weight of their shoulders.

Accountants are boring
We may be biased but at Monahans we pride ourselves on having a fun, friendly culture. Whilst the work might be serious, as people we are anything but! We run regular social events such as activity days, cinema nights, summer BBQs, volunteering days, award ceremonies and more.

Not only will you be future-proofing your job prospects by embarking on a career at Monahans but you’ll also be joining a firm full of approachable, like-minded people who are passionate about supporting one another and care about making a difference.

If you’re interested in career with Monahans, or have any questions, get in touch with the team today, we’d love to hear from you: https://www.monahans.co.uk/careers

Clare Bowen