8 Nov 2018

One in four people quit jobs due to stress

With far greater awareness of mental health issues in the media, it is a sad fact that many employees still find stress a major issue in their daily lives. St. John's Ambulance have run a recent survey, which confirms that one in four people have left a job due to a stressful environment, and many felt that employers did little to support them during this period.

The survey, of 1000 people in HR and administrative roles, sited the main reason they often did not ask for help was not liking to admit there was an issue, followed by not wanting to let their colleagues down.

With staff not wanting to admit there was an issue and employers often overlooking obvious signs of distress, it makes for a poor relationship, where companies and staff get locked into a spiral of misunderstanding.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development believe that line managers hold the key to supporting staff in stressful situations. This means getting to know your staff and understanding what’s normal for them. Early indicators of stress are often changes in behaviour, increased sickness or overaction to problems.

Addressing the issue early with an open mind, often helps to resolve the problem quickly. If left to fester, if can become far more entrenched. Good recruitment and return to work processes also help staff to feel more secure.

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