9 Jan 2023

Focus on: our Payroll department and what it can do for you

Payroll is a critical part of any organisation’s day to day operations, with time consuming and costly ramifications if you get it wrong. This is particularly the case with real-time reporting being required under PAYE modernisation rules. At Monahans, the team delivers a broad spectrum of payroll services, all of which you can view here. But what can the payroll team offer your business in terms of consultancy and customer care? We speak to Payroll Manager Neil Manuel.

Who are your primary clients?
Many of our payroll customers are already using another of Monahans’ services, and we offer our payroll services at a discount. The benefit for these clients is having all of their businesses needs met in one place. We also work with many clients who are based abroad with UK employees and need support in setting up UK bank accounts. Our team provides a tailored offering, catering to clients of any size.

What services are in highest demand at the moment?
The nature of payroll means that our services are needed all year around, but currently we are working with numerous clients who have purchased new software to automate their payroll, such as Xero – a cloud-based accounting software – but need helping in setting it up.

In our experience, there is often a misconception that implementing new software will just be a case of pressing a button and letting the technology do everything for you. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case due to factors like regular legislation shifts. What this translates to is a greater need for people to seek increasingly consultative advice and help.

When we speak to organisations who are using an automated system, more often than not they still require a payroll trained employee ensuring it runs smoothly. Our team often receives requests from clients to simply log into their systems and help them to work through it. As a result, some organisations decide that using our expertise in the first place may be a better option.

So why should clients choose Monahans’ payroll service?
What sets us apart from other payroll bureaus is our reliability and approachability. It may sound cliche, but we will always help however we can. We strive to be flexible with timetables, working to our clients' specific needs and when we say that we will do something, we do it. Our approach isn’t to take the organisations which generate the most revenue for us, we take on any client that needs our help.

In the payroll space, a willingness to go above and beyond is invaluable. Our team will always try to answer a client’s questions, or find someone who can, even if it isn’t payroll related. Our eagerness to signpost demonstrates that we really do care about our clients’ needs.

The broad knowledge of the team assists us in directing to further support, as our work straddles a range of topics, such as tax, pensions and HR. This allows us to provide a holistic service that considers other business aspects, as well as giving us a good sense of which department may be best placed to help.

Finally, our service provides excellent value for money. Our clients recognise this and despite competition from other firms, will invariably choose to work with us, as we offer a wide range of services at a fair price.

Payroll as a career path
Payroll is client-facing and providing strong customer service is top of the priority list. This isn’t an ability that someone coming from a payroll background will necessarily possess – it depends on the individual – therefore it is important to have different skillsets, such as strong communication skills, across any team.

As such, those from different career backgrounds and experience can bring great value to the payroll profession. For those looking for a stable career path, payroll is a brilliant choice as it is an essential service that every company requires. During covid for example, whilst tax deadlines were shifted, there remained a consistent need for payroll throughout.

What’s on the horizon for payroll?
Payroll is continually evolving, particularly due to legislation shifts such as adjustments in National Insurance. The sector has experienced substantial change over the years, for instance with the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and auto enrolment, so being agile and up to date with new developments is part of our fabric.

We know that governmental changes can be confusing for everyone, including our clients. We therefore work hard to keep them abreast of anything that may impact them and provide invaluable reassurance in uncertain times. We are ready for whatever is thrown our way and will ensure that our clients continue to experience the very best service.

If you would like to find out more about the peace of mind that Monahan’s payroll services can offer your business – get in touch with the team today.

Neil Manuel