13 Nov 2018

Shopping accessibility Purple Tuesday

Purple Tuesday – What’s that you may ask? 13th November 2018 has been nominated as a day to highlight the issues of accessibility to shops for the disabled.

Most of us take for granted the ability to pop into town to pick up that Christmas present or buy something for dinner tonight, but how would you cope if each trip was a major expedition?

How would you feel if you needed to plan each trip before you even left the house? Thinking about how close the shops were to parking? Are there disabled toilets? Is there a ramp or easy access into your favourite shops, and does your favourite cafe have wide enough access for your wheelchair?

Purple Tuesday, run by the charity Purple, support business to make access easier and advocates small but important changes. For example, providing extra chairs in shops for people to sit, making long trips easier, giving wider aisles for wheel chair access, thinking about sale rails – can everyone reach them without asking for assistance?

Take a look at the link below and see, as a business or an employer, if there are ways that you can make a difference?


To discuss this or anything else, please contact Debbie Anstis on 01793 818300 orsend her an email