13 Nov 2019

The scope of financial planning

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What makes the role of a financial planner so interesting, is the scope of the work you will be required to undertake on behalf of clients. The work varies from day to day and so do our clients.

Some clients require help sorting out their paperwork to simplify their financial lives. Others are looking to financially plan the next thirty years of their life, based on the assets they have accumulated to date.

Whether you are seeking an informed second opinion or seeking full holistic advice, financial planning is far more than just a conversation about investments. I have detailed some of the areas below where we add value that are not as obvious as one would expect. These include:

Financial Organisation

  • Sorting out your papers
  • Handling your paperwork
  • Gaining authority over your plans

Life Planning

  • Gain an understanding of your current personal, financial, and emotional lifestyle
  • Identifying and prioritising what you want from life in the short, medium, and long term

Education and Behaviour Coaching

  • Helping you avoid poor investment and life decisions
  • Acting as a sounding board
  • Keeping you focused, disciplined and patient
  • Providing impartial, unbiased opinions and advice

Financial Solutions

  • Agreeing implementation
  • Researching appropriate financial solutions
  • Recommending financial products
  • Implementing your financial plan

Financial Planning and Lifetime cashflow

  • Analysing all your current financial resources
  • Understanding current and future income and expenditure
  • Modelling "what if" scenarios
  • Ongoing adjustments and recommendations to your financial plan

If you would like to meet to understand what services you require and why, please contact me on 01823 462400.