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Case study

Green 13 Solutions Limited

Case Study

Green 13 Solutions Limited

Green 13 Solutions Limited is engaged in the creation of software for insurance companies which is used for financial reporting, capital requirement reviews and pricing.

The Brief

The company has been developing new software and improvements to existing software to add additional functions and features. We identified that the work being undertaken could qualify for R&D tax credits and provided guidance to the company as to the costs that could be included within the claim. We were appointed to produce the calculations and associated R&D report.

How we helped

We confirmed that the projects qualified for R&D tax credits and we provided advice relating to the costs that qualified for the claims.

The necessary report was prepared in accordance with HMRC guidance and the following corporation tax relief was obtained:

2019 – £22,472.25

2018 – £15,275.62

The repayment will be used for future software development.

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