As part of the MHA, we have provided a governance guide for you

By James Gare Posted 18 January 2017

Keeping your Charity on the right Track

The Not for Profit (NfP) sector continues to deal with challenges from several areas, such as changes in legislation, funding issues, and governance.  Here is a useful report that can help provide step-by-step monthly guidance to help you with your govenance. 

The report covers the following monthly topics:-

Month 1 - Are we an Effective Board?

Month 2 - Effective Finance Function and Reporting to the Board

Month 3 - Effective Financial Reporting - SORP Compliance

Month 4 - Charity Reserves

Month 5 - The Tax Implications of Strategic Plans

Month 6 - Effective use of Resources

Month 7 - Reporting

Month 8 - Internal Controls Review

Month 9 - How do your Internal Controls stand up to Fraud

Month 10 - Cyber Security

Month 11 - Making the Most of VAT

Month 12 - Your Month to Month Checklist

We suggest you use the checklist at the start, so that you can assess where you already are in terms of governance. 

We are here to help you with your goals!

Read the Report here 


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